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Feeling Stuck? Wonder If You’re Moving Sideways? You’re Not Alone.

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Sometimes, I wonder if I’m making strides towards my professional goals or just treading water? Am I alone? In today’s journal entry, I explain how I’ve been feeling of late. 

Am I just impatient?

I’ve been working, learning, applying that learning, detoxing, volunteering, networking and trying hard at life for a long time. I have been hoping to start what I visualise as a snowball effect. I sometimes stop and think – I hope this will all be worth it one day.

Moving sideways? Feeling stuck? you're not alone this is the goal to have a life of freedom and explore the world

My Goal

My goal is to get to my mid-30s and not need to work to cover my expenses and provide for my family. I aim to have enough money to travel the world freely. I want to use my time to give back to the community and make positive change. I know that’s what will bring me true happiness and contentment.

How I aim to achieve my goal

I aim to achieve my goal by building an established and ethical business. Or through methods of clever financial investment should the opportunities arise. 

I’m living life by the book.

At this point in time, I’m living life by the book. Trying to push the needle that extra 1%. Here’s what I do:

  • Never stop learning
  • Work my arse off
  • Don’t own a car
  • I’m frugal
  • Eat meticulously clean – Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint Protocol
  • Never skip a workout
  • I invest as much as possible every month – A third of my income
  • Push for work
  • Read
  • Blog
  • Financially sensible – don’t buy any designer labels
  • Prioritise sleep
  • I’m punctual
  • Volunteer my time and give to charity
  • Network and socialise
  • I don’t have any social media except LinkedIn.
  • I’ve muted all notifications.

Sometimes, I stop and wonder.

Will all this get me there? Do I need a little more luck? Is my dream too common? Maybe things move very slowly, and I’m impatient. Perhaps I haven’t bumped into the right person, place, or time. 

Who feels the same?

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